I don't eat donuts or drink coffee.
I don't know who Doug Gilmour, Mats Sundin or Mario Lemieux are and I don't feel that I'm missing anything.

I vote. I'm grown up enough to pay for things myself.
I think other countries might have the right idea.
I think the things I believe in are worth standing up for and that defending myself sometimes involves force.
I don't complain about other countries to pretend things aren't just as screwed up here, and that rude people don't just live in other  countries.

I accept that having colourful money doesn't make it worth more or attract people here, and putting animals on our bills doesn't make us look tough.
I believe that social programs generally don't work and that extra curricular activities are extra curricular because they have nothing to do with an education.
I think the CBC has far too much American TV on it to be "Trusted Connected Canadian."
When I talk about the good things my country's done, I talk about what we did recently.
I don't congratulate my countrymen that had to go to other nations to be successful, and feel that patriotism is more than just waving a flag and marking meaningless milestones.

I don't consider beer commercials to be deep philosophical messages, so I don't feel a sense of national pride and unity whenever that stupid beer commerical comes on, and I don't want my citizenship to be defined by knowing what contest Tim Hortons is running.
I appreciate soldiers of wars both popular and unpopular, and think that spending money on those who protect our nation is a wise investment.
I think gun control laws are little comfort to people killed in their own homes.

I know that the official languages here are English and French and I have taken the time to learn atleast one, and that accepting other people's cultures doesn't involve forgetting our own.
I don't complain about the cold as we get winter for 3 months and I should be used to it by now.
I think Newfie jokes are like the pot calling the kettle black.
Knowing about other countries is no excuse for not caring what goes on in my own, as while I have a Prime Minister and not a President, my compatriots wouldn't know the difference either way.
I love my country and not just because we have health care, believe that being voted best country is no reason to become complacent and that my decision to not perpetuate myths about my country is not anti-patriotic.

Because Canadians are the first people to complain,
The last people to do anything about it
And the most apathetic people in the world!

My Name Is Brendan, And I Am NOT A Stereotypical Canadian