Top 10 Ideas For New Tomagatchis


10 - Tomagatchi Fallen Angel - Like Tomagatchi Angel except it tells you what to do. Learn to be bad by listening to what it says. Tomagatchi Fallen Angel has a speaker to talk with. Commit an evil deed and Tomagatchi Fallen Angel gets more souls.

9 - Tomagatchi Juvenile Delinquent - Help your friend become the baddest tomagatchi out there. Teach it to fight, steal, lie. Network it with other tomagatchi juveniles and form a tomagatchi street gang.

8 - Tomagatchi Hannibal Lector - Use the view screen as a window into its madness. Discuss philosophy together. Be the little voice in its head, telling it what to do. Network it with any other tomagatchi and oooohh..... Tomagatchi Hannibal Lector strikes again.

7 - Tomagatchi Cult Member - Teach your friend how to bend the will of others. Help it to bring more followers for "The Leader". Network it with any other tomagatchi and watch it corrupt it into another Tomagatchi Cult Member.

6 - Tomagatchi Tourette's Syndrome - Look at its face in the screen. See its face tick. Play with it enough and watch it learn a new profanity. Its speaker allows it to vocalize its profanities. Listen to it shout obscenities randomly.

5 - Tomagatchi Baby - An infant that shouts "I crapped myself" at random times. Its speaker wakes you up in the middle of the night. It takes forever to put it on pause, and doesn't stay paused long.

4 - Tomagatchi Snitch - Keep track of all your mischievous deeds by telling your new electronic friend. Listen as it spills its guts to your friends. Its mic listens in on your conversations and its speaker plays them back for your parents. Protect it from Tomagatchi Juvenile Delinquent.

3 - Tomagatchi Stalker - Teach it the trade and how to terrorize other tomagatchis. Help it find "the one". Hide it with other tomagatchis. Network it with other tomagatchis to deliver "special" letters.

2 - Tomagatchi Lamer - Its your new electronic nerd friend. Makes a great set with Tomagatchi Cult Member. Network it with any other other tomagatchi and see it get beaten up when it askes to "interface". Try to protect it from Tomagatchi Hannibal Lector. Watch as Tomagatchi Lamer gradually turns into Tomagatchi Stalker.

1 - Tomagatchi Multiple Personality - All of the above.



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