Brendan Purcell - Hobbies and Interests



This is just a short list of various interests of mine, often occompanied by a link.

Knowledge - the general persuit of greater knowledge and understanding. I believe that there is no useless knowledge, only knowledge you haven't found a use for yet.

Wisedom - Gaining greater understanding from reading the perspective of others. Even if it just a quote that if "food for thought."

Catholic apologetics - Studying the Bible, The Catholic Cathechism, other religions, etc.

Ireland - I am of Irish decent and am very proud of my Irish heritage.

Warcraft - This is one of the best game series ever, complete with a great story line and history.

Illidan Stormrage - The coolest character in Warcraft. Possibly one of the deepest as well.

Cryptozoology - The study of hidden animals. Often mocked as a pseudo-science  but has found respect in some circles. Particularly those who discover such a hidden animal A Tibetan proverb says that the smartest animal in the world, is one that no man hgas ever seen.

Human origins - The study or where we came from and the other species (or sub-species) of man.

This was a short list of my hobbies and interests. In truth, there may be far to many for me to list. I hope you enjoyed this list.


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